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If you are an e-commerce merchant or an organisation, and would like to integrate payment platform into your shopping cart or billing solution and offer a secure payment option to your online customer then it is possible to become our merchant. As Webcash Merchant you will be listed on our website as an accredited Webcash merchant,making your business accessible to thousands of prospective customers.

Our payment platform can be easily integrated into any shopping cart or billing solutions. We can offer you an integration manual, a test account and a test server to test the integration. Our Integration Consultants can always give you advice in case of any technical questions.

    Key benefits to merchants;
  • Low transaction fees.
  • A secured and convenience payment solutions to offer to your customers.
  • Easy implementation, when needed with support from our IT department.
  • Fraud prevention; your business is protected from fraud with our comprehensive security system.
  • Opportunity to advertise your company and services on Webcash and all other WOL managed portals.
  • Larger untapped customer based - non credit card users. A dedicated Account Manager to assist you in attracting new customers.
    Key benefits to your clients;
  • Webcash enables cashless and cardless online transaction.
  • Provides an unconventional approach to other payment methods.
  • No formal application forms are required. Only minimum information.
  • No waiting period is required to start using Webcash.
  • Contains enhanced security features and the value resides in the system and not in any physical card, entails a two level verification and encryption.
  • Easy top-up capability via 6 major banks internet banking and manual top-up option.
  • Value in the account can be used via telephone (to make phone calls –IDD, STD, Mobile) - COMING SOON!
  • Verification of balance remaining and topping-up can be carried out during transaction.
  • Webcash account holders can perform fund transfer to another account holders.

If you would like to receive further information about becoming a Webcash merchant, please contact us by completing our Contact Form. One of our representative will get back to you soon.