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Webcash Wallet

Online prepaid account that enables online shopping or cashless payment.
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Send Cash

A convenient way to send cash among Webcash Wallet users or to third party bank accounts.
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Reward Points

Get rewarded with every purchase. Earn & redeem reward points to cash!
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Sell and receive payment easily from social media.
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Easy way to share money with your family and friends.
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Webcash Top-up

Top-up Webcash Wallet electronically.
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Webcash Payment Gateway

Integrated online payment solution for businesses.
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Webcash Phone Payment

Pay for your purchase on the go.
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Top-up via cashU

Reload your account by using cashU voucher.
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Webcash Online Payment System

WEBCASH is a Prepaid Virtual Payment System where the customers determine the amount of the cash value they want to acquire / pay into their Webcash account. Once they procure an account for the desired value, the account will be activated. This will allow the subscriber to conduct online transactions offered by any e-Commerce web portal instantaneously.

Webcash was developed as an alternative payment solution for e-commerce. We call it prepaid for e-commerce. This not only allows all levels of society to explore and benefit from the cost saving of e-commerce, in fact there is no screening process for credit worthiness and no minimum salary requirement. There will not be any membership fee charged and all that is required is cash. This means that Webcash empowers everyone, even children to explore and take advantage of this service. ‘True globalisation is within reach’.

When subscribers use Webcash to pay for goods and services, appropriate deductions will be made from the subscribers Webcash account. Furthermore subscriber can use their Webcash account to make telephone call and the appropriate deduction will be made.

Participating Merchants will be charged a transactions fee based on an agreed percentage on the value of transaction.

Webcash is an electronic lifestyle.

    Characteristics of Webcash
  • Simple and full online registration procedures.
  • No salary slip, no credit record or employment information is required.
  • Instant use upon registration.
  • Data and transaction are secured with top-notch security.
  • The merchant can secure the payment upon issuance of valid receipt and goods to the customer.
  • Using Internet Banking or Top-up token, top-up can be done conveniently.
    Immediate Benefits of Webcash
  • It enables cash-less transaction.
  • Provides an unconventional approach to other payment methods.
  • Easy top-up capability via 6 major internat banking services.
  • Verification of balance remaining and topping-up can be carried out during transaction.
  • Users can transfer value among them.
  • Upfront payment to Merchant since it is prepaid.


    Webcash Vs Credit Card
  • Credit cards are credit based facility thus requires each applicant to make a special application showing his income, employment and his credit worthiness.
  • Credit card facilities come with high annual fees and high daily compounded interest on credit balance.
  • High transaction fee imposed to merchants, which usually passed to buyer.
  • High fraud case, risk of identity theft and card information exposure.
  • Biggest problem of credit card is, overspending.
    Webcash Vs Prepaid Credit Card / Debit Card
  • Prepaid Credit Card charges RM3 monthly fee and requires RM25 deposit.
  • Most online merchants do not accept prepaid credit card.
  • Debit cards are saving account. Money deducted direct from your saving account thus exposing your life saving to potential fraud risk.
  • No tracking on expenses.
  • Returns can be tricky, retailers treat transactions as cash.


Webonline Dot Com Sdn Bhd is an approved electronic money issuer. We are a MSC Status Company and have been awarded with ISO 9001:2008 & ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certifications. The certifications are accredited by SIRIM QAS International and the United Kingdom Accrediation Service(UKAS).